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4 simple exercises that will help you stay active in office

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

If you are here reading this article then I am assuming that you too are struggling to remain awake and alert throughout the day. Now none of us would like to face the issue of excessive sleepiness throughout the day. We all live a life that is mostly revolving around the ways that will help us achieve the peak of our career. Many a time the sleepiness and inactiveness can also result from body pain. Usually, we all keep sitting in the same place throughout the day. This can lead to causing back pain in the person. So the best way to solve such an issue in the person is by practicing a few exercises.

Therefore this blog will help people with that. Now to able to fulfill all the dreams and the aspiration that we have it is very important for all of us to not just work hard but also put all our concentration in what we do. Thus the key to success is to put all our heart and soul in what we do. Therefore it is very important for all people to stay active. However, if you are constantly fighting to remain awake than you are in the right place. This blog will help you find ways that will help you to stay active and alert while the working hours.

Exercise that will help you to stay active

Now I understand there is not much that you can do about sleepiness when working in the office. But I have a few exercises for you that will not need much space. And this is something that you will be able to do just sitting on your chair. So let us all have a look at a few exercises that will help you fight body pain along with targeting sleepiness. Therefore helping all people to stay active. But before we get into the different exercises, let us first have a look at all the body issues that can arise from sitting all day long. The body issues that is very common among people are-

• Neck and shoulder pain is very common in people

• Also, constant sitting will affect your way to stay active thus leading to obesity.

• Having lower back pain.

• Constant working can cause stress. Therefore no matter how busy your schedule it is not ideal to constantly keep sitting. It is important to stay active.

• Causing musculoskeletal disorder.

So let us all have a look at all the exercises that can be done in your office space. So they are-

1. Triceps stretches

• First, begin with raising your arms and then bend them. Thus your hands will reach the opposite sides.

• Now use the other hand and pull the elbow of the first hand towards your head

• You can repeat this for a few times

2. Overhead Reach

• Lift one of your hand and bent to the opposite side.

• You can hold the position for a few seconds.

• Then repeat it from the other side.

3. Upper body and arm stretch

• Begin the exercise by clasping both your hands together over your head.

• Now push your arms and stretch upwards

• The pose should be held for about thirty seconds

4. Stretching out your torso

• First, you should start by clasping your hands behind your back.

• Following this push your chest outwards and raise your chin.

• The holding time of the pose is about thirty minutes. This exercise helps the person to not just cure body pain but also stay active.

Therefore all this exercise is very helpful in people who are facing body ache sitting in one place. They are also very helpful for helping people to stay active.

Another alternative to staying active

Now if just exercising is not helping to stay active then there are other ways that you can follow as well. One of the best ways is the use of smart drugs. Thus the use of Waklert smart drug is very helpful in all people.

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